The History of Invention of Pottery

The History of Invention of Pottery

If you are a history buff, you probably know how important pottery is to the history of human civilization. How many of you know that wheel is the first ever invention of Neolithic man? Though man discovered a lot of things to leave a proof of his existence, the invention of the wheel will always play a significant role. Had it not been for the wheel, it is quite hard to imagine the mechanical world that we live in today. If you are not too much of a history person, beware this article is drenched in history. We will today talk about the history of pot making. You can even hold it as a tribute to the invention of the wheel.

The History of Invention of Pottery

Pottery- An invention of the Stone Age man:

Pottery is said to be an invention that belongs to the Palaeolithic period. This is period when the Old Stone Age man lived. The people who belong to the Old Stone Age were nothing more than hunters, and they began making tools to protect themselves and to hunt. They always moved in packs. It is during this period that people are said to have invented the idea of pot making. Most historians gave credits to the Neolithic man for the invention of Pottery. But after a better understanding of revolution came in, historians and archaeologists found traces of pot making before the Neolithic age. This period is defined as the Palaeolithic age. This makes pottery one of the oldest inventions of the early civilization.

Pottery during the Neolithic Age:

God knows how pottery was during the Palaeolithic age. However, we have material evidence only for things that existed during the Neolithic age. Probably this is why most people believed that pot was a product of the Neolithic age. Despite the Palaeolithic age people taking the credit for inventing pottery, Neolithic age is still special. This is the period when really pottery began. The history is quite accurate as the place where pottery was redefined during the Neolithic ages. China took pottery to the next level. Until the Chinese intervention, pottery remained a primitive task. Once the Chinese intervened, they brought in a lot of things as in the introduction of different kilns and better techniques. The art of making pots developed to a great extent during this period. So, undoubtedly Neolithic age is the ‘Era of Pot making’.

Spread of Pottery:

Pottery is one of the age-old professions that are still in existence. A lot of things have evolved since the beginning of time, and some have died as well, but pottery still lives. Once the Chinese entered into pot making, the idea of pottery spread across the globe. Then the Japanese took over the stage and ventured into pot making. Gradually, pottery became a global idea. Though we cannot drop to a conclusion that the Chinese and the Japanese were the global pioneers of pottery, they can still be given credits for taking it seriously. If not for them, we aren’t sure if pottery would have reached every nook and corner of the world.