Awesome things you Probably didn’t know about Pottery

Awesome things you Probably didn't know about Pottery

Pottery is not simply the mechanism of making a pot. All of us have our respective opinion with regard to pot making. Experts say that pottery is quite interesting as it combines both art and science. Not all can shape clay into a pot.  It needs a lot of practice and patience. So pot making is an art by itself. In case if you didn’t know it also has science involved in it. So before I spill all the beans right here, let’s get to the list. In this list we will talk about the interesting things that most us didn’t know about pottery. So here goes the list.

Awesome things you Probably didn't know about Pottery

Awesome things about pottery:

Combination of elements:

In the introduction part, we spoke that pottery is not just art, but it also has science involved in it. Here are the reasons. When you traditionally make pots, you are combining all the elements of nature air, water, fire and soil. Knowing or unknowingly you need all the five, to make the best pots. This is the reason as to why we say pottery effortlessly combines the elements of nature.

One of the oldest professions:

Pottery is believed to be one of the oldest inventions of science. There is a pretty cool coincidence. The wheel is believed to man’s first invention, and as we know, pottery is nothing without the wheel. In fact, if facts are to be believed, this is the first place where man technically applied his knowledge and brought science to life. So pottery must be at least 12000 years old.

If shaping is difficult then just pinch it:

Didn’t I tell you earlier pot making is an art by itself? Of course, all of us can mould a clay body, but not all can put that into a proper shape.  But do not lose hope. In case if you love playing with the clay but ain’t great when it comes to shaping the clay body you can pinch them as well. Yes, take a small portion of moisture clay that is not too wet. If the clay is wet it may not sit properly. Take the portion and mould it simply with your hands and pinch its body to get that into a proper shape. You are a potter as well. This way you never need tools.

Pottery is nothing without heating:

Just now we let the secret out. Pottery is not just shaping. If you are a bit amateurish, you can pinch it as well. However, if you want your pot to look professional and live long, you cannot stop before heating the pot. Because it is in heating, lies the life of the pot. In other words, pottery is nothing without heating. Though you pot looks initially tight the particles in clay are still not together because of the moisture present in it. Heating reduces the moisture and combines the split up part and makes the pot stronger.